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Ever felt that moment when, in the middle of a story, you become stuck? This can happen to all writers. 
   Here are ten simple suggestions to guide you when, “writer’s block,” and other obstacles occur. 

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Have faith in yourself!  

   You know the saying by Henry Ford, "If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!"

   What we say to ourselves is important.  Remember back when you did well at something. I’m sure there were stumbling blocks to overcome, you pushed through and it happened.

If you hit that spot again, remind yourself of your past successes.

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Get started! 

   Sometimes, starting a project or writing a story is hard but it won’t happen until you start.
Even if you start with fifteen minutes a day, it's better than not writing anything at all.
The good news is, once you begin, you may not want to stop.

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started." Mark Twain

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Make time! 

   Create a specific schedule to write each day. When are you the most productive? In the morning or evening? Notice when you are full of ideas and use that time the best to your ability.

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Follow a routine.

   Once you figured out when your ideas come, create a routine to write. Stick to your plan every day.
   Morning seems the best for me. Afternoon or evening may work for you. Once you create a routine, it will turn into a habit. 

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Get inspired!  

   Look at photos, magazines, or view splendid paintings and art. If you're writing on a certain subject, surround yourself with something that pertains to your writing. If you're writing a novel, listen to music from that period of time
   Does an idea come to mind? A notion? A feeling?

   "One picture is worth ten thousand words." Chinese Proverb

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Don’t be shy to ask for help!

   Visit with a friend, family member, or a writers group for their insights. Many times they will catch something. We’re so close to what we've written, it's hard for us to see. 

   Try and keep an open mind to what feedback others can give. 

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Take a break.

   Go for a walk or do your favorite exercise. Work on your favorite hobby. 

Sometimes, getting away from where you write, is all you need to get past where you’re stuck.


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Break your work into segments.

   Giving attention to the whole story can be daunting. Break it into parts and concentrate on just that. 
   Check out different words that will inspire you to finish an idea. 
   Research a topic to complete that section.


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Trust your gut instincts!

   Have you ever written a sentence or segment you can’t get past that nagging sense something isn’t right? Either try to change it, or cut parts out of your story. For me, sometimes removing words or sections have been my best choice.

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Never Give Up!

Last, but not least, never give up! Keep going!
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What suggestions do you have for when you’ve hit an obstacle? 

Leave a comment below to share your ideas.

As always, happy reading and writing!
   We have had those times when we’ve wanted to sit and read to our kids and they show no interest and want to play. What to do? Here are a few suggestions that worked for me and I hope they'll work for you. 
   Nap time and bedtime is one way for exploring new books. You may find a different time that works better for you and your child.


   Look for the proper age level book. If they are toddlers or younger, check out stories with engaging illustrations and limited words. ABC, animal, and rhyming books are an excellent first choice.
   For preschoolers, subjects they can relate to and something they treasure. It’s so easy for us to choose this or that one, but finding tales “interesting to them” is the key.
   Pick a comfortable place that's well lit.

   Point out things before you begin. Give attention to the cover and guess what it might be entail. For older children, show them the author and illustrator's name and talk about what their roles are.
   If there's dialog, change your voice to the characters. Make them as goofy as you want. Children love this!  
   Ask a few questions along the way. Search for objects or people in the story to keep them involved.

Illustrators draw the pictures in the book.
   At the end of each story, ask them their favorite part or character.
   If you start with a book and they are not acting interested, skip it and choose another one. If that doesn’t work, wait for another time. Keep trying!
   Once you create a habit every day, they will relish this experience. You’ll build and instill the love of learning in them. 

   Most of all, have fun spending these precious moments with your child!  
   Let's hear from you! Tell us ways you have found reading to your young ones that are “Busy Bees.”
   Leave your comments below to share what works for you.

Happy Reading!

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