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Last year, many of you may recall I shared this video of a pop up card I made. This took a long time to put together so I could only make one.

I have saved this card in hopes to run a contest for it this summer. I can’t believe July is here!

Starting Monday at 9 am, July 3rd, this giveaway will run for 5 days, to July 7th.  
Winners will be announced, Saturday morning, on July 08, 2017.

If you would like to enter, leave a comment below in this blog post, a comment on my Facebook page, and a like. You don't have to do all three. The more you do in the list above, the more chances you have to win.

Blog comment + Facebook comment + Like = 3 Entries.   

Good luck everyone!

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July! 





07/03/2017 7:54am

The card is beautiful Rosie! I hope you receive a lot of entries!

07/03/2017 8:36am

Hi Jessica! I bet your girls would enjoy something like this. :)
Thank you for your support always!
Your name has been entered three times! Good luck!

Have a wonderful 4th of July!

07/03/2017 11:49pm

Nice job Rose! What a beautiful card you have there. You started the thought that the season of Christmas really start at July. What a good way to jumstart this year's holiday season. I am sure your kids will enjoy these treats. They will surely love it.

07/04/2017 8:59am

Hello, thank you for your kind words.
I learned to make this card last winter. It was actually suppose to be a book according to the instructions given to me. When I went to make it, it took a very long time, so it ended up being a card.
Here in the states, we have a fun event called "Christmas in July." I thought it would be a fun giveaway for those interested.
Thanks again,

07/03/2017 11:47pm

Nice Christmas!

07/05/2017 8:33pm

Thank you!


07/05/2017 8:44am

Nice job! The card is beautiful Rosie.

07/05/2017 8:32pm

Thank you Maritza! Your name has been entered three times.
I appreciate your kind words.

Have a great rest of the week!

07/06/2017 2:21pm

This is sooooo gorgeous, Rosie!! Beautifully creative!! Love it!

07/07/2017 7:48am

Hi Laurie! Thanks for stopping by with your kinds words and comment!
I'm glad you enjoyed this card. I wish I had time to make more.

Have a great weekend!

07/06/2017 6:56pm

Hi Rosie, Congratulations on having the patience to make a very intricate card like that, I take my hat off to you. It is very clever. I hope you have had a great response to your contest. We love doing Christmas in July in Australia as it is our chance to celebrate in cold weather and perhaps even with a bit of snow if we are lucky. Cheers

07/07/2017 7:50am

Hi Sandra! Thanks so much for your kind words and comment. Yes, this really does go with the weather you are having now.

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm! :)


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